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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  March 3, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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raleigh police officers were threatened the day of the shooting via e-mail. as for the family, a family spokesman says denkins' mother wants answers as she prepares to bury her son. >> sad, heart breaking. he was only 24 years old, just turned 24. >> what we are asking is simply for the truth. >> bishop darnell dixon plans to lead the funeral service for denkins tomorrow. the da has not released the results of the preliminary autopsy at this point citing an ongoing investigation. today is the first day of north carolina's early voting for the march 15th primary and this year, there are more early voting locations than in the last presidential cycle. that is not the only difference. and certainly not the biggest
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live in carey outside one of those early voting locations. >> reporter: hi, bill. yes, there are 360 early voting locations. they open up starting today and they will be open for the next 10 days until march 12th. once you arrive to an early voting location, you will be able to vote democratic or republican for candidates for president, governor, legislative and local races. a separate primary will be held representatives. a panel of federal judges last month ordered lawmakers to redraw congressional districts. they did but there wasn't enough time to reprint the ballots. the state board of elects is encouraging voters to vote the certify the appropriate contest. this year, you will also need photo id. acceptable forms of id include a north carolina driver's license a veterans or u.s.
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a tribal id from at state or federally recognized tribe. now, again, if for some reason you happen to forget your photo id, there is an option. you can be given a provisional ballot. but you will have to present a photo id before your vote will count. >> all right. thank you. the next republican pressessial debate is tonight in michigan minus one. tracie potts reports from washington about who will not be on stage as the republican field narrows yet again. >> reporter: dr. ben carson, the first post-super tuesday casualty. his campaign confirms he will not be at tonight's debate and his public schedule ends after a speech tomorrow. ted cruz lls carson supporters. >> we welcome you on our team. >> i'm looking forward to the debate. >> reporter: marco rubio is already in michigan hoping to put the brakes on donald trump.
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can keep this frontrunner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> reporter: efforts to stop him may be futile. >> so 54% of the party doesn't want him, why is he winning. >> it would be likely we would have one of most interesting times in cleveland than we've seen in modern political history. >> reporter: donald trump is tweeting about mitt romney's speech today. romney is expected to criticize trump. >> we're going to win here in michigan. >> reporter: meantime, the democrats are raising money. >> i need you here into new york. >> reporter: ready to take on whoever emerges from the other side. >> reporter: 30 big name republicans have come out publicly against trump. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> i like having tracie potts on our staff now doing the reports. she is really good.
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with nbc joining us here on wral. now, joining us, elizabeth gardner. >> it is not week one for me. but i won't tell you how many it is. i do have an anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks. the farther west you go, the more cloud cover we are seeing. we do have an advancing cold front and low pressure system that will bring us a cold, rainy night. it is not here yet. the cold air is here though. 28 in wake forest. 34 in durham. 4 in southern pines. 35 in fayetteville. our 8:00 update shows some warmer temperatures. we had a bunch of those starting in the upper 20s and now we are moving into the 30s. temperatures should climb on up to about 50 for this afternoon. looking at 47 at lunch time and 51 later on today. the clouds will thicken up.
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i'll show you the timing of that coming up on futurecast. tara has already said that brian would have to be back by tomorrow. >> so he can deal with it. >> that mean i have to stand outside in the rain. so i don't know. let's it can a look at the issues around the triangle on the roads this morning. let's take a look at i-40 and lake wheeler. things are now back to normal, all three lanes open on the westbound side. it look like they were able to move that accident that was on the shoulder of the road out of the way. so let's take a look at what that means for your drive times. 22 minutes so it is slowly decreasing from i-440, the split on out to u.s. 1 and we should see that continue to drop over the next couple of minutes now that all of that traffic is able to move through that area and clear out. of course, we also know it is
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morning with congestion. as we take a look here in garner, this is a look at u.s. 70 this morning. we did have a report of an earlier accident there that you can see between timber drive and van dorn springs. we are not seeing anything on the cameras there. i do believe that is clear. let's widen things out a little bit. durham has been quiet for the most part all morning long. we are starting to see some delays along the durham freeway but no accidents reportedly at this time. 540 starting to pick up as well. we do have one accident that is contributing to that. this is going to be in the westbound lanes between new burn avenue and capital boulevard. you can see the extent of those delays there. we check in with the cameras there, can you see traffic is at least moving but still very slow. back to you. >> thank you. there is a new report out
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economy. >> the feelings that business leaders across the south are expressing about our economic future. >> plus, a durham teen facing deportation and still trying to keep up with his school work. the action a group of educators plans to take today. >> another piece of a missing malaysia airliner may have washed up off the coast of africa.
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who found it. teachers, school board members and supporters plan to mail more school work to a teenage are in a georgia detention facility and plan to announce a complaint to the u.s. department of education. immigration officials took the student into custody in january as part of an effort to target teens would recently crossed the u.s.-mexico border alone. his mother says he left honduras to escape gang violence. his supporters are filing a complaint with the department of education because immigration fills according to them have refused to accept school work and are not allowing him to use a computer. i talked with immigration officials sand they tell me they have not received any mail for dina costa. north korea fired six short- range projectiles off the coast last night. this came shortly after the u.n. security council approved new tougher sanctions on north korea. defense officials say the
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artillery or rockets. they are just not sure yet. there may be a new lead in the search if that missing malaysia airlines flight 370. australian officials say debris that washed ashore at mozambique may belong to the plane. it appears to show the leading edge of the tail section of the boeing 777. it also matches theories about where wreckage could have ended up. blaine alan gibson found the wreckage. >> this is airplane debris i found on february 27thment the last thing i really expected was that i would actually find a piece of it. >> gibson describes himself as i awealthy adventure traveler living in asia who is intensely interested in finding the wreckage.
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boeing doe kleined to excellent. welcomed home with beer and apple pie. nasa astronaut scott kelly is back on u.s. soil and reunited with his family overnight. who the white house -- we'll tell you who the white house
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court nominee. have you even it? >> i have aseen elizabeth. >> what about her? >> of a seen her.
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she is here. and she is here to talk about what you are looking at right now. that weather out there. of course, it looks a lot nicer than it will feel. >> isn't that the truth? it looks pretty, doesn't it in it is ld out there even at the beach. if you are feeling the need to go to the beach wednesday, tuesday, thursday next week, should be pretty nice. the thin have you to remember about this time of year is the water temperature is still cold. and while it may be in the mid- 70s here, you get down to the beach and water temperature is in the low 60s and the air is coming offer the beach and it feels chilly still. so it takes a little while to warm that up. we're in the going in that direction. no warm-up here. take a look at our solar farm 5. we'll have plenty of sunshine to start the day so creating a little energy out there in eastern wake county at our solar farm. you can see how clear the skies are. we are already seeing the
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the west in durham so those clouds are heading our way. we won't see as much sun today as we did yesterday. the winds starting to pick up a little bit though out of the east at nine miles per hour. our dew point up to 20. still pretty dry out there. 30 in henderson and roxboro. still 29 in south hill. most everybody seeing temperatures chiming into the 30s. 4 in rocky mount, wilson and tarboro. 33 in sanford. 35 in fayetteville. so we do have chilly air that arrived yesterday. boy, that was a coco wind yesterday as we started to see that change of air mass. we've had some snow falling in the mountains and a little piece of that. we might able to take that off. a little piece of it trying to sneak into the piedmont. none of that reaching the ground. you can see rain up here in the southern part of illinois. some snow in kentucky and west virginia.
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of this about you it won't be quite cold enough for us to see anything frozen here. we take it from lunchtime through the afternoon. the clouds will thicken up. we'll have snow falling in the mountains. the boone area could see 3 to 5 inches of snow out of this system. the rain doesn't arrive here until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. the rain may still be with us at 7:00 a.m. when the roads get busy. we could have additional accident tomorrow morning. up around the virginia line, there is the potential for some of this to mix with some snow testimony doesn't look like there will be enough there to cause any problems on the roads. maybe a very light dusting if it happens to come down heavily enough. the chances of that are looking pretty slim. be sure to tune in. i'll talk more about it during our noon newscast with the new computer model run and greg and mike will be giving you the latest as this thing starts to get closer and closer to us.
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by 10:00 are our chance the rain is up to 84% on friday morning, tomorrow morning, we start off with rain and then that rain shuts off pretty quickly. it stays fairly cloudy friday but we'll see a high of 52. over the weekend, we'll see nice sunshine but our temperatures are not going to warm up much. we stay below normal with mid mid-50s saturday and sunday. then the temperatures skyrocket into the 70s. while that 74 will be warm, a good 15-degree warmer than normal. it is still well below the record of 84 set back in 2009, our coldest high temperature, 24. so we do have a nice warm-up if you don't like the temperature for the next few days. >> thank you. new this morning, a lot of business executives are pessimistic about the economy this year. those were the findings from a survey by the american institute of certified public accountants. hundreds of bune lde have turned sour on the future of the economy especially in the south.
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reaching a high point in the last quarter of 1014. the results suggest people looking for work face an even tougher struggle this year. the u.s. department of labor will be releasing its latest jobless claim numbers this morning. should be coming out shortly. last week, 272,000 americans applied for unemployment benefits. that was an increase of 10,000 people from the previous week's numbers. new overnight, astronaut scott kelly back in the united states after nearly a year in space. kelly arrived in houston overnight. he was greeted by his brother and along with scott's two daughters and his girlfriend. vice president joe biden's wife jill came bearing gifts. she brought beer and apple pie. there is nothing more american than that. kiely's mission will help in
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>> maybe someone will bring hot dogs and round it all out. a man convicted of killing two college students in virginia will not get the death penalty. instead, jessie matthew will die in prison. matthew pleaded guilty to first degree murder and abduction. in court, he apologized for the 2014 murder of uva student hannah graham and the 2009 murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. the judge sentenced matthew to four consecutive life terms. matthew agreed not to appeal and he will not be eligible for parole or early release. erin andrews $75 million lawsuit will soon go to the giraffe a bombshell admission in court. an attorney would represents the vanderbilt marriott ownership admitted that tuesday night his friends showed him the video of andrews undressed. he immediately told them to stop playing video. incident delayed court for some during emotional testimony, andrews said she will have been v. to be in therapy for the
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an energy tycoon is dead this morning hours after federal investigators announced antitrust charges against him. 56-year-old aubrey mcclendon was killed after slamming his suv into a concrete bridge embankment in oklahoma city. that was yesterday morning. he denied the charges and promised to fight. mcclendon helped build chesapeake energy into one of the nation's largest independent producers of natural gas. he was also a part owner of the oklahoma city thunder. an alabama police officer is charged with murder in the death of an unarmed black man. authorities say montgomery police officer aaron smith shot and killed 5 #-year-old greg gunn outside a anybody's home. authorities original said he had a gun but a neighbor said it was actually an extense hand frl a paint roller. mrg count a's district attorney would in the say what evidence let to the charge. now to texas where the texas
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arrest of sandra bland has been formally fired. this comes three months after the trooper was charged with personally he is accused of lying about the stop with sandra bland. he can appeal husband firing to a state board. bland was later found dead in her jail cell and her death was ruled a suicide. a federal appeals court judge may be under consider indicationation for the u.s. supreme court. a source says the white house is considering jane kelly to replace the late antonin scalia. she graduated with president obama in 1991. she currently serves on the u.s. court after peels in cedar rapids, what. tom brady's deflate gate scandal is still not over.
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have the league's four-game suspension reinstated. the second u.s. circuit court of appeals in manhattan will hear oral arguments in the case. spent two decades in prison identify horrible crime. >> but it was a crime he ervice" ... state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again.
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and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight
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i'm leyla santiago with your top store ayes. community and civil rights leaders will immediate today to discuss their next steps following the fatal shooting of akiel denkins by a raleigh police officer.
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gun was found near denkins' body. early in-person voting for north carolina's march 15th primary begins today. this will be first time voters will need to show the photo id. those who were unable to obtain such an id can obtain other personal information so their votes will still count. let's get over to elizabeth in the weather center. >> it looks sunny right now. clouds will thicken up and we'll have rain tonight and it will be a cold rain. a cold start this morning. our fayetteville skycam start cloud cover. temperatures are still in the low and mid-30s this morning. 4 in rocky mount. down in fayetteville, it is 35. temperatures warm on up to the rain rolls in tonight. there is a chance that some of virginia line. we'll see gradual clearing on friday with a high of 52. saturday an sunday, highs will be in the mid-50s and partly cloudy.
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here on the beltline i-440 on the westbound side. this was just north of the new bern road interchange. with that a second accident that is also in this area most likely because of that congestion we were already seeing. this one a little bit closer to new bern avenue. at least two of the left lanes are closed so we can expect to see much worse delays. we will take a look at those drive times coming up when we switch back over to fox 50. this is where the two accidents are right here. so again, we'll expect to see more delays in that area. also we'll let you know south of -- in wake county, sunset lake road. [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better.
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so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously.
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south a income be in man serving a life sentence is a free man this morning after a judge dropped his convictions. >> in court yesterday, the judge said the north carolina system failed howard dudley. dudley has been in prison sevenning a life ntcesince 1992. he was convicted for sexually assaulting his 9-year-old daughter. the state never presented any physical evidence hits now 33- year-old daughter testified there. she admitted this week and had admitted several times in the past that she lied about the sexual assault allegations. dudley spoke about the news as he left the hearing. >> it feels great. i'm excited and i look forward towards moving on. >> dudley's family says they are looking forward to the many family gatherings to come. a lot of quality time. judge parsons said dudley was originally deprived of a fair
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represented by a deficient counsel. a south florida man is due in court today in connection with that $4 million gold heist on i-95. the fbi arrested 46-year-old adilberto perez. the gold was stolen from an armored truck that was stopped on the interstate near wilson a year ago. the sheriff's office said three armed men approached the guards, held them captive and stole 275 pounds of gold bars. a miami man plead guilty to extortion for trying to sell one of the stolen gold bars. in one more day, we will host our annual attorneys on call. this is a chance to talk with an attorney for free. once again, we teamed up with the north carolina bar association for its annual day of service. we'll have more than 150 attorneys taking calls from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, we'll have the phone number on your screen. we'll have it on and
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the first virtual charter school in north carolina will be growing next school year. north carolina connections academy will add tenth grade class. this will be the school's first year of operation. it plans to add a grade each year as the students age into them. enrollment for the 2016-17 year is currently under way. the state board of education expected to tackle a couple of serious issues when they meet today. they will talk about the new report on crime, the dropout schools. the crime rate report released last week says the overall crime rate in schools went up 1.5% in that 2014-2015 school year. that is compared to the year before. the dropout rate increased 4.8% during that same time period. also during their meeting, this is exciting, the state board expected to recognize philip riks, a music teacher at the north carolina school of durham.
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music educator of the year. you saw that if you watched the awards ceremony. they recognize educators who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education. an effort today to preserve a historically significant landmark. this school was the first high school for african-americans in durham before integration. soon, the property at south roxboro and umstead street will be home to the veranda at witted school t will include affordable housing and eight pre-k classrooms. mayors from the state's largest ties meeting today. the annual metro mayors meeting takes place. the day-long conference is held at the imperial center for the arts and sciences and it begins in a few hours at 11:00. a new garden is creating a
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employees teamed up to work on the project in southeast raleigh. this project teaches residents how to become more self- sufficient by learning how to grow their own veggies and herbs and fruits. katie murray says it provides more food security for the community as well as an important ge indicational tool for healthy eating. we offer cooking and nutrition classes for kids, adults and teens. >> the principal financial group awarded the $20,000 grant to support the camden street learn project. murray says they are hoping to start a new program next year to teach teens how to grow produce and then sell it as a business. become an entrepreneur early in life. >> of a he actually been out there. it is so cool to see people together in our community doing something like that. so everyone together will be a little cold today. >> we'll stay together and
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>> that's right. we started off in the 20s in a lot of placesment we'll end up at about 50 for our high which puts us about 10-degree below normal for this time of year. we have rain on the way tonight. up around roxboro, it is possible that it would mix on and off way little bit of wet snow. the not likely that will cause any real problems. you do want to be sure to tune in to our newscast on wral. through the evening, greg and mike will talking about this as well. or roxboro skycam looking gray as that system approaches us. 32 in roxboro. even thousand at # 35:00, it will be pretty chilly as you head out. 47 at launch time in downtown durham. a little chilly and our high temperature 51 under mostly cloudy skies. we'll still have rain around the area during the morning commute tomorrow which tend to cause additional problems. so it may be aling rough this time tomorrow. we do have a warm-up in the forecast. we'll talk about when we expect
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at least eight u.s. airline carriers have submitted their appear indications for flights to cuba. the possible routes are prprarily from large hub cities in the u.s. with havana being the most popular destination. it is the capital. right? >> yes. you are our cuban expert. the government will spend the next few months reviewing the requests and is expected to award the contested havana routes this summer. flights to the smaller cities, they could be approved much sooner. i know you could. currently, all flights operating between the two countries are charters. starting next month, you will not be able to use e- flights. passengers on carriers going in or out of u.s. already prohibited from smoking tobacco cigarettes on board. transportation department clears up any confusion that may have to deal with that and it says electronic cigarettes fall under that same
8:36 am
it was the final flight for one of boeing's oldest plane models. the world's first boeing 727 took a 15-minute journey from its restoration center to boeing field in washington state. the airliner's career began in 1964, spanned 27 years. united air leups retired the plane in 1991. it will now get on display at the museum of flight. a volkswagen presentation at the geneva auto show is previously interrupt bid a protester wanting to draw attention to its emissions scandal. >> it doesn't need repair. it's perfect car. thank you very much. thank you. >> a volkswagen board member watched the protester dressed in coveralls get on the floor and pretend to be a mechanic. the man claim he was sent by the company's chief executive to fix the car's engine. security took the protester away. what's for breakfast?
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>> that is what i had. monica, you have a better idea. i had toast and coffee. >> wouldn't you rather have waffles? >> i'm monica laliberte. just ahead, the machines that make the best waffle breakfast of champions. plus, something you need to know about the syrup you put on top of they would.
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record books in north carolina. what is your favorite breakfast food? eggs, pancakes, maybe waffles? add syrup. oh, yeah. >> all of it. on. >> life good. >> i'm a breakfast kind of girl. 5 on your side's monica laliberte is showing us a good waffle maker can make all
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>> reporter: so what can make a weekend morning go from good to great? oh, yeah, golden buttery waffles on your plate. they are easy and fun to prepare and they're yummy. the best ones start way good waffle maker. consumer reports just tested a bunch on different settings. consistency is key. both with each waffle and from batch to batch. some took a lot of practice such as this stove top cast aluminum belgian waffler from nordic ware. the waffles did not cook evenly. tester did like the consistency of this wa richt ng waffle make are for $58. it lets you control the toasting, light or dark. the best of the bunch they say, the $100 cuisinart breakfast central. it made perfect waffles every time. and the clean-up crew will love this. the plates are removable so
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and it beeps when your waffle is ready. but wait, what is a plate of waffles without a dose of maple syrup? real syrup, the kind that comes from trees. taste ares say all the syrups they tasted were pretty good. so the key to consider? >> our suggestion is to buy by price. >> some good choices costco's kirkland signature organic maple and treader joe's 100% vermont maple syrup. now, are you ready for a plateful of hot waffles and syrup? >> i love waffles. >> i am ready. >> okay. about the syrup. so maybe you are alike i used to be and syrup was syrup. a didn't realize pancake syrups are different. the price is much lower and consumer reports says that is because they are usually made with high fructose corn syrup, artificial caramel coloring.
8:42 am
deal, for pee, there is no going back. we are just talking about that. got to have real maple syrup. of a had both the one from costco and trader joe's and can you taste the difference. >> yes, i am a big syrup lover. i just like food. >> i still have the same waffle make i had when i got married more than 30 years ago. it works great. >> that is one old waffle maker. >> i knew you were going to say that. i just set you up. >> yeah, you did. >> thank you. wal-mart is contacting thousands of its pharmacy customers about their online date actual the retail giant says the information of some customers may have been visible to others during a four high pressure day period last month. two customers logged in at the same time may have been able to see oche other's name, address, date of birth and prescription drug history. wal-mart says this was due to a coding mistake an not a hack.
8:43 am
recall list so if you are sipping your coffee, make sure you check this out. the consumer product safety commission says ceramic covery mugs with the phrase love today on them were mislabeled as being microwave safe. the lettering on that mug is metallic and it can spark in the microwave, even cause a fire. thank you for the sounds, bill. the mugs were sold exclusively at target store. if you have one, they are urging to you stop using it. can you return it for the store for a full refund. >> it is like putting aluminum foil in the microwave. you never want to do that. >> never want to do that. there will be a celebration for one of the state could's most popular attractions. >> we'll tell would you the special guest will be at the polar bear exhibit today. >> maybe a polar bear? collectors can only dream about. what one family found after the
8:44 am
grandfather. >> lets get to the winning numbers. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it!
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i can see all obstacles in my way >> i'm busy listening, bill. can you take this? going to be a bright, bright, sun sunshiny day >> it is not though. >> i need to talk to debbie in there. >> let us have a moment. allow me to live with the
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>> and enter elizabeth. >> then i have to be the downer on all that, right? it is getting cloudy and we have a cold rain on the way. in the mountains though, they could see 3 to 5 inches of snow. of this a winter weather advisory in effect. probably going to make some skiers really happy for this weekend. let's take a look at what is going on here right now. there is some sunshine just at the moment here at our tv studios. this is right out of our back door. we will blink and those azaleas are going to be in full bloom. they are really at peak in the middle of april. in early april, we start to see them blooming. that is a month or less. can't wait for that. 34 is our current temperature. feels like winter when you step outside. east wind at nine miles per hour. our dew point, 20, humidity, 56%.
8:48 am
34 in rocky mount. 39 in clinton. 35 in fayetteville. but no matter how you look at it, it is winter coat weather. we've had a for you snow showers. didn't see anything falling on the camera there. you notice the snow coming out of the mountains down into the piedmont, none of this is reaching the ground. it is evaporating before it is hitting ground. there is a good bit of precipitation with this. we'll see anywhere from 1/2 inch to maybe 3/4 inch of rain. we have the chilly air in place. but this system will bring some warmer air with it just enough so that it will be a cold rain versus snow. we take a look at what is happening next week. with that warm things up pretty nicely into the 70s again by tuesday, wednesday, probably thursday as well. in terms of precipitation, well, probably going to be pretty close to a normal week. that means we'll probably have maybe one or two systems coming through.
8:49 am
happens today and tonight. the clouds chicken up. we'll see a high of 51. that chance of rain just bumps way up at about 9:00 or 10:00 to about 84%. we'll see a cold rain all night. we'll wake up to it tomorrow morning and it will still be with us during the morning commute. it will probably bring us additional accidents. also, in the morning, we may see our temperatures cold enough for a little mix of snow and rain. we would talking about oxford, henderson. mecklenburg might have a light accumulation. we drop that down a little bit more and we t. could be a whole different story. be sure to tune in to greg and mike this evening for the latest computer model runs. friday and saturday, no matter what the temperature, the durham bulls have their
8:50 am
it will be ale cool but it should be dry by then. the home opener is april 7th. always a fun time out there with fanfest. it will start to feel a bit like spring again. that is probably not going to last too long this time of year but back into the 70s. 74 wednesday. that is 15 degrees warmer than normal but it is not close to the record. 84 is the record set back in 2009. it is that tomorrow of year where the weather changes so quickly. >> just bouncing around. >> thank you. the list is out of the best places to live some america and our area ranks pretty well. raleigh-durham coming in at number four on the list from u.s. news and world report. another money magazine report gave apex the top spot. this looked at factors including the quality of life, education and affordability. denver came out number one followed by austin, texas, fayetteville, arkansas and colorado vings. governor pat mccrory will
8:51 am
north carolina zoo familiarly. a special party being planned for nikita, the zoo's knewest polar bear. they hope nikita will form a special bond and they are hoping that leads if a polar bear cub soon. so far, they seem to be getting along pretty well. a labrador may have set a new record in north carolina after giving birth to 17 puppies. lena hemmery says her male dog hudson fathered the litter while the mother bailey belongs to her cousin. she found the world record for registered labrador retriever is 19 puppies. the state record is 16. one of bailey's pups did for the survive so emery is not sure if her record would stick but she would have at least tied it. emery says bailey appears to be doing fine with her new responsibilities. cam newton will be giving away more than just footballs to ds this year.
8:52 am
for a new show. he will host all in, a series where he will take kids on journies. an l.a. family made a major league discovery of a lifetime. apparently, their late great- grandfather was a baseball fan and collected lots of cards. recently, his grandchildren searched through his home and discovered an old worn-out paper bag and inside were seven rare baseball cards of legendary outfielder ty cobb. you know you got something worth a lot. the iconic iditarod race. only one problem, not enough snow to the dog slowing event. that is hearted to bible that
8:53 am
warmer temperatures have melted what is on the groundment so organizers have asked snow in fairbanks be brought in by train. the race has been shortened to three miles because of the snow. >> how far is fair bank anchorage? >> we drove it one time an i think it was like 10 hours.
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state's 2016 governor mccrory's campaign in the connection nc committee are asking state election officials to dismiss a formal complaint suggesting the committee improperly featured the governor in a commercial. the connect nc bond and the governor are both on the primary ballot. the complaint was filed by the advocacy group progress nc action. we had a cold start this morning. we do have clouds starting to thicken up just a little bit. that will be gradual as we get through the day. temperatures range from 32 in roxboro and 34 in rocky mount to 39 in irvin win and 35 in fayetteville. we'll see our lunchtime temperature at about 35 after 8:00, rain and we'll start tomorrow morning with a cold rain, tara. >> we have a mess again on i- 40. here a look at i-40 at south
8:57 am
emergency crews are trying to remove the cars involved in an accident. we are also following an accident that is almost clear here on the beltline, i-440 at new bern avenue. let's take a look at what that means. more than an hour to go from the 440 split out to u.s. 1 westbound f you want to travel on the beltline, that will be your best bet. >> that is a mess out there. thank you. early voting is now under way in north carolina for the march 15th primary. from adillsal early voting sites to identification requirements, wral has you covered. we'll break it down today at noon. >> and that is our noon newscast for today.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: how you doing? thank you very much. thank you very much. how you folks doing? that's all right. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, you know what, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for the third day from pacific, washington, it's the gould family. [cheers and applause] and from nashville, cashville tennessee,
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[cheers and applause] well, everybody's here trying to win themself a lot of cash, and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new fuel efficient ford fusion, right there. let's get it on! give me carol and give me josh, let's go. [cheers and applause] guys, here we go. top seven answers are on the board. fill in the blank. excuse me, i just what? josh. >> burped. steve: i just burped. [cheers and applause] one answer can top it, carol. >> passed gas. steve: i just passed gas. >> do it, do it, do it! steve: here we go. t e ciment begin. [cheers and applause] hey, carolyn. >> hey, how are you? steve: how you doing? >> doing pretty good.


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